Chainette Fringe Sample | Set of all 63 Colors

Chainette Fringe Sample | Set of all 63 Colors

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A Set of all 63 colors of our Rayon Chainette Fringe

 Our chainette samples are typically cut from the 3" length fringe.
Even if you will be purchasing a longer chainette length, the color will still be the same as the shorter chainette sample cutting. 
The header is slightly wider the longer the fringe length is however.

Sequin Chainette & 
Metallic Chainette are not available in all lengths.  Go to the length below to view which colors are available for that length of fringe.

Chainette fringe is the finishing touch for home decor and performance outfits, dance costumes, ballroom gowns and almost anything you can think of.

We have 11 different lengths that are kept in stock in 63 fabulous colors.
 2" long, 3" long, 4" long, 6" long, 9" long, 12" long, 15" long, 18" long, 24" long, 32" long and 36" long.