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36" Chainette Fringe Trim in 36 Colors

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36" Chainette Fringe Trim in 36 Colors for Home Decor,
Performance Outfits, Dance Fringe & Clothing

$49.75 per yard in 33 Solid Chainette Colors
$63.75 per yard in 3 Fluorescent Chainette Colors

We have fringe available in  2" long, 3" long, 4" long, 6" long, 9" long, 12" long, 15" long, 18" long, 24" long, 32" long and 36" long.
36" length is available in 36 colors.
Made of 100% Rayon in the USA.

The 36" is our longest in stock chainette fringe and is perfect for dance outfits, performance costumes, ballroom dress, evening gowns, dresses, home decor, wedding and event decoration.  
(Even longer - 38" and 40" lengths are available by special order)
A 1st quality elegant chainette fringe. It is full, with a luminescent silky finish, a very soft flow.  It hangs, swings and drapes beautifully.
It won't unravel even if trimmed to a shorter or asymmetrical length for a dance skirt.
You can call us to check stock on the chainette length, color and quantity of yards you need at #615-776-2951 or email us at sales@decoratingstudio.com

We encourage you to order color samples of our chainette fringe trim before purchasing if you need to match a color closely. The image on our site was matched closely to the actual color.  But colors can vary on computers, phones and tablets. Order Samples here.

This chainette fringe is perfect to embellish evening dresses, ball gowns, dance costumes, belly dance garments, scarves,  flapper dresses & performance competition outfits.

(Longer lengths in 38" and 40" are available by special order.Just give us a call.)
View other lengths here.

Made in the USA. 100% Rayon.
Dry Clean or Spot Clean Only.