Lesson 3: Foyer & Entry Decor Tips

 Foyer Decorating & Home Decor Ideas
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arched front door
As you read through the following decorating tips for your home decor, they should give you some ideas on how to make the most of your Entry and foyer - whether it is large or small.
If your foyer is part of the Living Room, do not change the flooring at this area. For instance, if the Living Room is carpeted, don't install 15 or so ceramic tiles in front of the door. A better option, is to let the carpet continue to the door, then lay a decorative area rug over the carpet in front of the door.
Even if you don't have room for furniture, you should have a mirror near the front door. It adds light to the area and allows those leaving to do a quick check in the mirror!
Entry Table Entry Design
These foyers use wall space for very narrow tables, just large enough to hold keys and mail.
  Rich colors are perfect for the foyer in a large area, such as the walls - or as a pop of color in an accent piece. Like the Guest Bathroom, this is a very transitional space that people don't spend much time in and you can be more daring here in your home decor choices. If you have a separate Foyer, paint it a bold color!
If you're unhappy with your Foyer, think of changing the Front Door. It is amazing the difference it can make inside your house and it can make the outside of your house more attractive as well. Think about a door with panels or leaded glass..
Or, for a less expensive option - change the hardware on the front door. A new doorknob and hinges can make a huge difference.
Add plants, in beautiful urns or pots. If you don't have a green thumb or if your entry area doesn't get any light, you can get a silk plant.
 Foyer Tree front door idea
  Whether your Foyer is a formal stone one or a small vestibule in a cottage, plants and flower used inside and outside will transform the front entry.
Artwork! Need I say more?
Add a  narrow entry table. If you only have space for a very small table - do it! It is perfect for tossing keys, mail, and cell phones in a hurry.
If you have a separate entry splurge on the floor. Go with a slate, or stone that is porous but won't be slippery when wet. If your entry is part of your living room, buy a beautiful area rug (3' x 5' is a good size) to place in front of the door.
For a separate Foyer, paint the ceiling a rich and dramatic color, or paint clouds on it. Make a statement in your home decor! Also think about replacing any ceiling light fixtures with something a little more daring.
Add light scones near the door.  If you have room, a small bench or chair is ideal near the front door.
  Don't Forget About the Front Porch
front porch decor 
This house would have an entirely different appearance (and not receive as many second glances) if the front door were painted white. By painting the door and the trim around the window a bright blue the owners are emphasizing and drawing your attention to, the stain glass in the window.
Paint the exterior of the door a fresh dramatic color that will go well with the exterior of your home. If you have room on your porch, add a chair or swinging bench.
Have fresh flowers in pots near your door. The more fragrant the flower, the better!
If you haven't replaced the door mat outside this year - go ahead and do it. They are fairly inexpensive and everyone looks down at their feet while they are waiting for someone to answer the door.
Put new light fixtures outside, not only for beauty but for safety.
Purchase a wonderful garden statue and position it on the porch near the door. Yes, home decor extends to the outside of your home!
front porch design