Lesson 2

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Lesson 2

Decorating Styles & Living Rooms

Living room decorated

Decorating Styles

 Selecting Furniture Tips

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Types of Curtains & Window Treatments

Exercises in Home Decor Styles

The Living Room, Family Room or Great Room should be in a style that reflects the home decor of the home from the exterior all through the interior. There are people who can pull of a very contemporary interior in a turn of the century home, however, typically these extremes are jarring and do not complement each other.

I have included the photo of the house below because I think this is one of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen. I would love to see the interior to see what they have done inside the house. Some of you may really dislike this style of house. I'm bringing this up because I think you should feel comfortable in your likes and dislikes. If I owned the house below, I would realize that there are people who really didn't care for it - but, that wouldn't stop me from living in it. Realize that what you love in home decor is not what everybody else is going to love - you are unique and your house should be unique. You and your family are the most important people when it comes to your home. If you feel comfortable with painting the walls charcoal gray - then do it! It will shout with your personality and that is wonderful.


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