Ostrich Feather Trimming

25 Colors of beautiful 5" Ostrich Fringe Trim on a Satin Header. Sale priced at only  $12.95 per yard - 30% Off the regular price of $19. a yard.
This feather trim is priced per yard, but if you order multiple yards in will arrive in one uncut length.

Beautiful, soft and airy - this 5" long natural ostrich feather fringe is stunning. 

This is a 1 ply feather fringe - there are approximately 16 - 18 ostrich feathers per inch. The feathers are top quality and are securely attached to a satin header at the top. This trim lays very flat and the fringe can easily be doubled up if you want the feathers to be thicker.

25 Ostrich Colors available:
White, Off White, Ivory Beige, Camel, Pale Peach, Pale Pink, Pale Blue, Watermelon, Blue, Mint Green, Lilac Pink, Turquoise, Bright Yellow, Apple Green, Orange, Hot Pink, Red, Wine Red, Navy, Purple, Pale Grey, Dark Grey, Light Brown, Dark Mauve & Black.
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